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Extract the Benefits of Protein from Various Foods

There are a variety of important and vital benefits of protein for the body, from helping the immune system, to being a material for the formation of cells and body tissues. Knowing the right source of protein will help us get these benefits. Protein is a macronutrient that the body needs in large quantities. Protein consists of a number of amino acids needed for the body to function properly. Amino acids can be grouped into two main types, namely essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids. Referred to as nonessential amino acids because they can be made by the body. In contrast, essential amino acids are amino acids that are not produced by the body and must be obtained from food. There are also groups of amino acids called conditional amino acids, which are types of amino acids that are needed at certain times, such as when you are sick or under stress. Benefits of Protein Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Therefore, it is not surprising that
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Know the Types and Ways to Prevent Kidney Inflammation

The kidneys have an important role, which is to filter fluids, electrolytes, and glucose to be reabsorbed by the body, filter out toxic substances for later released with urine, control blood pressure, and maintain acid base (pH) of blood. Kidney problems, including inflammation of the kidneys, can interfere with these functions. Disorders that arise in inflammation of the kidneys are determined by the cause and affected kidney area. Kidney inflammation is sometimes not preceded by specific symptoms. To be aware of kidney inflammation, it is important for you to first recognize the type of kidney inflammation and its symptoms. Types of Kidney inflammation In medical terms, inflammation of the kidneys is called nephritis. This condition is generally caused by autoimmune disorders and infections that affect the kidneys. Here are the two main types of kidney inflammation that you need to know, namely: Glomerulonephritis Glomerulonephritis is inflammation of the glomeruli, whic

This Is The Answer To Doubt Wifi Security For Health

Now wifi can be found not only in offices, but has also expanded to housing, schools, and locations and other public facilities. Even so, there were doubts about the danger or safety of wifi on health. Wifi is the latest technology using wireless local area networks (WLAN). Various other technological devices, such as cell phones and computers can be directly connected to wifi using radio waves, without having to plug in the cable first. Radio Wave When someone uses wifi or electronic equipment with a wifi device, it will be exposed to radio waves and some will be absorbed by the body. The concern that arises is the possibility of the influence of these radio waves on the damage to cells in the body, thus triggering the growth of cancer cells. Until now, the scientifically proven effect of radio frequency exposure was an increase in body temperature, around 1 degree Celsius. However, it is only found in certain locations with very high exposure. In normal exposure, no increase i

Be careful, Mother, this habit can damage the teeth of children

Maintaining dental health is certainly important, both in parents and in children. The importance of brushing your teeth must of course be taught from childhood. But, some habits that look normal can actually damage a child's teeth. Cavities, tooth decay, and other dental problems can interfere with children's activities and health. Therefore, it is important for parents to take care of children's health by knowing what habits can damage a child's teeth. Although baby teeth that are currently owned by children will be replaced with permanent teeth, it does not mean you do not need to maintain healthy teeth and let children with bad habits just because they do not want children to fuss. Remember, if your teeth have problems, your child may become more fussy and may affect the shape of a child's teeth as an adult. Are there any habits of your child that damage teeth? The following are some habits that can damage your child's dental health: Suck all day lon

What Is Heart Catheterization

Heart catheterization is a medical procedure designed to determine the health condition of your heart. This procedure is also important to detect whether there are heart problems and treat some heart problems. This procedure is most often done to evaluate the health condition of people who often experience chest pain. The chest pain may be a symptom of coronary heart disease. Apart from chest pain, there are various reasons why doctors perform cardiac catheterization. Indications for Cardiac Catheterization Here are some of the uses of cardiac catheterization: Evaluate blood and oxygen flow in various parts of your heart. Assess the strength of the heart muscle pumping blood throughout the body. See how well the heart valves are performing. Treat coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Plan the right treatment. Especially if you are recovering from a heart attack but still have chest pain, get a medical examination that shows that you have heart disease, or you have a

Do not be lulled by the pleasure of artificial sweeteners in soft drinks

Softdrink is often a friend when eating for some people, both children and adults. But be careful, behind the sweetness of soft drinks or soda, contained the danger of artificial sweeteners. Consuming drinks containing artificial sweeteners risks inviting diseases, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, and can damage children's dental health. Saccharin-type sweeteners were once considered dangerous to the health of the bladder and cancer-causing factors. Although finally based on the latest research, saccharin was declared not dangerous, but the use of artificial sweetener saccharin or other types, still should not be excessive. Here are some health problems that can occur due to consuming soda or soft drink containing excessive artificial sweeteners. Type 2 Diabetes Research reveals that consuming one can or more of beverages with artificial sweeteners per day can double the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for adults. In addition, the risk of prediabe

Not just on the skin, abscesses can occur anywhere

An abscess is a collection of pus that collects at one point on a particular body part. Almost all abscesses cause inflammation and swelling in the surrounding area. An abscess is the body's natural reaction due to resistance from the immune system to an infection that attacks certain tissues. The immune system's own resistance is represented by white blood cells. These cells will move through the walls of blood vessels and gather in damaged tissue. This process will then produce a liquid which we call pus. Pus generated from this resistance process consists of living and dead white blood cells, dead tissue, bacteria, or other foreign matter. Some bacteria have the ability to form toxins that can damage body tissue and interfere with human health. Therefore, this group of bacteria is able to produce more pus than other bacteria. Examples are Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. Where can an abscess be formed? Most of us only suspect that the abscess alias co